What is On-Page Seo? Complete Guide In 2020

Hello friends, in this article, we are going to tell you about what is On-Page Seo and how to do it? Information about it.

If your optimization is strong, then you can easily rank your post on the first page through On Page Seo. This simply means that you should your article correctly by doing On Page Seo. So today we are going to talk about this.

On-Page Seo is the technique that we apply within our blog or post. To control such Meta Tags, Content, Blog Loading Speed, etc. In this article, we are going to learn how to do On-Page SEO Correctly to rank posts on the first page of Google.

Why to do On-Page SEO?

No blogger can directly rank his blog post. Because when one of our posts ranks on the first page of the search engine, then it benefits the entire blog. This not only increases traffic but also Page Authority and Domain Authority. So if you want to master yourself in Optimization. So by learning page-level optimization.

If you get successful in this, then your blog will also start appearing on the first page of the Search Engine. Visitors stay longer in the post on the page ie High-Quality Content. When we succeed in ranking any of our articles on the First Page.

How to do On Page Seo?

1) Title tags
Title Tags are those HTML Elements that we use to name the webpage. And it is displayed in SERPS as Clickable Result Title. It is the most important role of the title. How to write post title and how to use keywords in it. So that our Post Title becomes Seo. For this, we will be giving you some tips so that you can add keywords to your title perfectly.

  • Keyword Placement: – You always have to write your Main Keyword meaning Target Keyword at the beginning of the post. It is quite hard to start the title of every post with the Keyword. Because that keyword sometimes does not fit in the beginning. But you must try that never come in the last of the Target Keyword post title.
  • Use Effective Words: – By using the Keyword of this method in the title, you can increase your Seo more. You can make the title more attractive by using words like Surprising, Essential, Effective, Most, Ultimate guide, Beginners guide, Important, Complete guide, Best, Top, Strategies.

2) Permalink: –
Permalinks are also very important for the on-page. In this also you have to use Target Keyword. Permalink should always be small and never use Stop words like “a”, “the”, “on”, “and” in it.

3) Meta Description: –
According to the Search Engine, the important factor after Title and Permalink is Meta Description. We should always write the Seo Optimized Meta Description. Giving Convenience to our readers that the information they are searching for is available in your post. The description length should be between 150-170 words. Make sure to use Target Keyword in the description of your post.

4) Heading and Sub-heading:-
Headings are also very important for getting better results in Seo. Never use H1 Heading inside your post. Because H1 Heading is already in the title of our post. We strengthen our optimization technique by using H2, H3, H4 heading properly. But you should not use the same heading repeatedly. You should use your Target Keyword in at least 2 Heading.

5) Internal Links: –
To make your post more Seo Friendly Optimization, you must use External and Internal Link. When we add a link to another website in our poster, it is called an external link, and we add a link to our own blog post, then it is called an internal link.

6) Page Loading Speed: –
Page speed is also very important for ranking your blog post. If the loading speed of the page is good, then Google Bots Post indexes quickly. Good loading speed is important for a better user experience. Slow Loading does not give a good rank in Google Search Result to Blog Posts.



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