Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner In 2020

Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner
learn Affiliate Marketing as a beginner

Do you want to learn Affiliate Marketing as a beginner In 2020? well, Affiliate Marketing is a very popular way to earn money online. It is a part of Digital marketing. There are lots of E-commerce websites that have their own affiliate program. If you are a beginner then you should definitely go with amazon associate. There is another newbie friendly affiliate network that is Clickbank.

In simple words affiliate marketing is the way to make money through Extraordinary content and digital marketing skill. This how you can make money online. You need to master the high-quality content creating skill. Because content quality will decide your sales graph.

Creating user-friendly content is very important. As a Beginner people do these mistakes because they don’t know about producing Content. They realize after a long time that how they were producing content for affiliate marketing. Before starting affiliate marketing you may do research that which type of content is getting sales. It could be video content on YouTube, Text content via Blogs or audio content like podcasts.

After that know your competitor’s strengths and weaknesses. Find which platform your competitor is not using to promote their affiliate product. Although it has good amount of traffic. Then you should start promoting your affiliate product there. Of course you will generate fewer sales but it is OK.

Nothing is better than something that means generating zero sales is far better than generating few sales.

Why Affiliate Marketing Is The Best

Affiliate Marketing is the best because you don’t need to invest in a product. Similarly, no storage requirements and no ROI tension i.e Return On Investment. Suppose you have launched your own product into the market and it is not performing well means not getting sales. Then you do not end up getting ROI.

That could be your big loss. If you have taken the business loan. Then you can not recover such a big loss. It could be a disaster right. Now let’s talk about affiliate marketing.

In affiliate marketing, you don’t need to launch any kind of product. You have the freedom to choose a highly demanding product which is getting massive sales. Promote such kind of product using your digital marketing skill and make money through affiliate commission.

That is why affiliate marketing is the best.

How To Start Affiliate Marketing As A Beginner

Now how do you start as a beginner? We don’t waste your time and let’s just tell you. Very simple steps to get started it is completely newbie-friendly. It could be time-consuming but trust me guys this is the best way to make money online without any investment. We have free and paid both ideas for you.

Select A Relevant Niche

So firstly you need to find a relevant niche like Health, Travel, Blogging, Tech Gadgets, and many more.

But do not go with these Niches because they are so competitive. You will not make money soon with these competitive niches. So We will advise you to choose a micro-niche means a particular product or service.

For Example:- Bodybuilding is your main Niche then protein supplements can be your micro niche or sub niche.

So Hope you understood the micro niche.

Choose a micro-niche and then do research that people really looking for the products regarding your micro-niche. And then follow the next step.

Find Best Selling Product

After doing research find the best selling product with good ratings and reviews. Don’t choose too much expensive or too much cheap products. Selecting a good product is similarly important because your affiliate product must be useful for the buyers. which will help you to generate sales.

For Example:- If your in health niche then your micro-niche would be weight loss and your product would be weight loss related. Then you must promote a product which helps people to lose their weight.

So these how you can choose your product.

Create Extraordinary Content

Create the best possible content for your affiliate product. Keep in mind that you don’t give fake information about that product. Prepare an honest review for your audience. If you give them an honest review of your affiliate product. People will trust your website or your YouTube Channel.

Create content based on reality. And try to prepare your content problem-solving. whether you solve problems you will make money for sure. Create a beautiful post with images, reviews, and pros & cons with a beautiful buy button.

Does not matter where you are creating your content YouTube is a free platform and creating an information blog needs a domain and hosting. you can checkout HOSTING and create your blog for affiliate marketing.

After creating a supreme content you need promotion of your content. So, let’s move on to the next step.

Promote Your Content

Now, this is extremely important. We don’t know which platform you are using. Maybe you are using a YouTube channel, blog, or landing page, social media, forums, etc. You can prefer paid promotion to send the audience to your content which has affiliate links or you can use Search Engine Optimization.

SEO is completely free but time-consuming. Firstly you have to learn about SEO. If you want to learn about SEO you need to need to bookmark our website and check updates on a daily basis.

There are two ways to promote your content

Paid Promotion

  • YouTube:- If you want to start affiliate marketing on YouTube. Then you can run ad campaigns to promote your channel you can even promote your channel via successful YouTubers. All you have to do is approach them and tell them about your channel. And ask them there offer to post promotional content similarly tell them about your offer and simply make a deal. Check This:- How To Start YouTube Channel Without Showing Face
  • Blog:- Same process you can use to promote your blog running Google Ad campaign, [Banner Ads] paid promotion on others blog. Take interviews of successful people it could be paid or free. Join podcasts and webinars. How To Start Blogging As A Career 2020 (Beginner Guide)
  • Social Media:- If you are using social media to promote your affiliate product like Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest you can run ad campaigns, sponsored posts on popular pages. Promote through social media influencers.
  • Landing Page:- you may create a landing page for your targeted audience. You must grab their email Ids or contact number. You can use email marketing to promote landing pages. Create a sales funnel and send emails every alternate day. This is an advance but an excellent way to do affiliate marketing. “How To Do Email Marketing For Free

Paid Promotion Pros & Cons

  • Fast Results
  • Low Investment
  • Targeted audience
  • Easy To Run
  • Branding
  • Ad campaign fails due to lack of knowledge

Free Promotion

  • YouTube:- If you do not want to invest money on paid promotion. Then you need to optimize your content search engine friendly to rank higher use targeted keywords and follow the trends. YouTube is a search engine people prefer video content in the comparison of text content. That is why YouTube has 2 billion users worldwide in 2020.
  • Blog:- Use Search Engine Optimization to rank higher and get free organic traffic. Social media is another free platform for absolute free traffic.
  • Social Media:- use SMO [Social Media optimization]. Use hashtags to get a better reach. Join lots of groups and you should make your own groups on Facebook. How To Grow Business With Facebook Marketing
  • Landing Page:- Email Marketing is the best way to promote. You want to Learn Email Marketing For Free then check out our blog.

Free Promotion SEO & SMO

  • SEO is the way to get Free Massive Traffic
  • Free Branding
  • Free Customers
  • Time Consuming
  • Keyword Difficulties
Best Affiliate Programs To Promote World Wide
  • Amazon Associate
  • Clickbank
  • Jvzoo
  • Commission Junction
  • ShareASale
  • eBay

Amazon and Clickbank highly recommend for beginners. Hope you like this article “Affiliate Marketing as a beginner” If this was really helpful for you then please comment below and let us know.


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