How To Use Premium Features In Canva For Free?

Premium Features In Canva For Free
Canva For Free

Canva is a digital marketing tool. You can use this tool to make social media posts, advertising banner, Infographics, Logos, YouTube channel art, blog banner, etc. So In this article, we are going to tell you how you can use Canva pro for free. Canva is an amazing tool for creating visual content.

Canva pro can be a little bit expensive for you especially if you are new in the digital marketing field. The Pricing of Canva pro is 9.95 dollars per month.


You can see the difference clearly.

How To Use Premium Features In Canva For Free?

Check The Pricing:- Click Here

Canva pro has tons of free templates, one-click design resizes, 60 million premium stock images, and many more. Here you can explore your creativity. But still don’t underestimate the free plan.

We are not going to give you Canva Pro I’d and password. Rather we will be telling you some tips that you can use with your free account. Still, you won’t be able to use premium templates & Elements.

If you know the basics of Canva then this article will help you a lot. If you having been using the free templates then please stop doing it. Lots of people using that design for creating their own content. It will not help you to create the best quality images that can represent your brand image with rememberable visual content.

so let’s get into the points

Out Source PNG Transparent Images

We are sure that you are facing the elements problem. All Free elements are used by the people as well as they are not attractive. So what you can do is type into the google [your-keyword transparent PNG 🔍] after that you will get the high-quality transparent PNG.

There are lots of Free PNG Images website on the internet just go and visit them one by one. You will definitely get your choice.

  • StickPNG
  • PngImg.
  • Free PNGs
  • PNGtree

We really hope this technique will help you. We personally use this technique to create visual stuff for our online business.

Use Free Stock Images For Background

There are lots of websites on the internet that provides royalty-free stock images. You can use these images as a wonderful background.

How To Use Premium Features In Canva For Free?

All you need to do is download these images, upload to your Canva account and use it. Hope you understood how exactly you can do this. So let us give you the best royalty-free stock images websites.

  • Unsplash
  • Gratisography
  • Morguefile
  • Pixabay
  • Stockvault
  • Pixels
  • Picjumbo
  • Pixawizard


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