How to grow your Instagram Organically easily in 2020

Grow your instagram
Grow Your Instagram

Hey, guys welcome back to our blog today you will be learning some amazing tips that will surely be going to help you to grow your Instagram and boost up your Instagram Organically easily in 2020. So make sure you go through the full article so let’s get started.

Instagram is a social channel that lets it’s members expand their brand through their images. For businesses especially, it’s a way to humanize the brand and bring it to followers. New products can be showcased, sales can be increased, just by sharing images. But the problem with Instagram is that it is incredibly hard to build a big following. Unless you are a known brand or a celebrity or sportsman or woman.

Now you can just go buy yourself a stack of Instagram followers. Unfortunately, these guys are more than likely fake accounts. Or just low-quality members that really won’t help you achieve your goals on Instagram. They are not your true Instagram audience. Your followers need to be members who follow you because they like what they do and not just stats.

We personally don’t suggest you go and buy followers from the websites which are providing paid followers as there are only drawbacks to it and it will not be going to help you get engagement to your posts and content. So it is advised that don’t waste your precious money on these types of activities as it can also lead to suspension of your Instagram account.

Tips to grow your Instagram organically.

  • Optimize Your Instagram Bio

Once someone lands on your Instagram page, you have the opportunity to immediately tell them more about yourself! Are you a travel blogger, are you an entrepreneur, are you selling something? As you can see below by seeing his bio we can instantly know that this person is an entrepreneur.


You should also add your email address to your bio. Brands are going to find you via Instagram, make it super clear on how they can contact you for future business.

  • Now It’s time to get creative

The quality of your posts matter. Instagram is all about the visual so what you create needs to be visually appealing. Brush up on your photography and picture editing skills. There are masses of apps that can help you with this. If you see content that you like and they have done something clever to an image then why not leave them a comment as ask how they did what they did. If you build social relationships your build followers.

Get Creative

You don’t need to be a professional photographer to succeed on Instagram. Just create your mobile phone. Just make your images as good as they can be.

  • Use of relevant hashtags

If you use relevant hashtags, your posts will get exposure to a wider audience than the people who already follow you or know about your brand. Use hashtags smartly and sparingly. Use tags that are relevant to your niche to attract users interested in you and what you do. Search Instagram tags for your niche.

Use Relevant Hashtags According To Your Niche

If content comes up that is relevant to what you stand for then those tags are good to use. Once your following grows you can start to use some of your own unique tags, like your brand or your name with the niche. Also, create your own hashtags so that your brand name can be established. One thing you should keep in your mind while using hashtags is that always use hashtags according to your niche and content never use hashtags that are out of your niche.

  • Engage with users and followers.

Now we are all set up it is time to really do what it takes to grow your followers. Instagram is a social site so it really is about engagement and interaction. You have found tags for your posts and no doubt now found members who will be interested in what you do and are offering. It is now about engaging and building relationships and building the “Know Like and Trust Factor”

Engage With Your Audience

Your engagement sends notifications to other users. When you like and comment and follow others those members are pinged and notified. This prompts them to then check out your profile. And of course, you now have a professional, active and engaging page.

So always keep in mind that you should engage with your followers reply to there comments and there DM’s too. As everyone on Instagram is looking for exposure.

So here we end up our article hope you liked it do share and a leave a comment in comment box below.

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Happy Instagramming !


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